Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sex Toy Review: Sliquid Sea

Did you know lubricant isn't usually vegan?

I didn't. 

I have to admit, I'm a bit wary of putting synthetic chemicals into my body. I'm also wary of living in a culture where we put animal parts and hormones into everything! Ever! Call me a hippie, but I do think about and care about these things.

So when Edenfantasys Sex Toys gave me the option to review a sex lubricant that is vegan, I got a little excited. 
Sliquid Sea is a water-based lube, which means its great for use with condoms, latex gloves, and silicone toys. It's also mostly natural, as the primary ingredients are plant cellulose (from cotton) and three types of seaweed extracts. It's hypoallergenic and paraben-free.
I'm rating Sliquid Sea on the three factors I use to pick out a lube: consistency, flavor/odor, and how it feels on my body a minute after sex. 

1) Consistency: Sliquid Sea has a great medium consistency. It's not globby and gel-thick like a silicone lubricant, nor is it runny and messy, like many water-based lubricants. I prefer something in this very middle range. I don't like to have to mop up my floor or bed when my cock is dripping, nor do I want to feel like I'm fucking through jello. I want a lube that is very similar to vaginal secretions, but which won't dry out as quickly. I've tried many lubes that really miss the mark on consistency, but Sliquid Sea definitely excels in this category.

That being said, I wouldn't recommend Sliquid Sea for anal sex; it's much too thin. I'd also recommend reapplying if you're changing positions often or going at it for a long time. 

2) Flavor/Odor: My favorite part of the Sliquid Sea is the taste. Lube usually tastes awful. It's a fact of life. Either it's "flavored" -- as if I want to taste Pina Colada mixed with plastic and risk getting/giving a sugary-induced yeast infection -- or it's acidic and gag-inducing. 
Sorry for the intense imagery, but you know I'm right. 

Sliquid Sea isn't sweet, nor is it wickedly bitter. It's has almost no taste at all. There's a tiny hint of flavor, almost acidic. But it fades very quickly, and it doesn't leave you feeling like you just rolled your tongue around a battery. There's no smell, which also helps. 

In other words, Sliquid Sea is fantastic for oral sex. 

3) Afterglow: I don't tend to shy away from the personal on this blog. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you know this by now. So I have to be brutally honest: I dread using lube because of the way it feels on my vagina after sex. I hate when, post-orgasm, I most want to be held, and instead, I'm rushing to the bathroom to wipe the lube off so I'm not distracted by the texture of gel lathered all over my vagina. I don't want that moment interrupted; I want a lube that isn't going to leave with that feeling immediately. It's fine if I need to get up and wash it off before I go to sleep; I simply don't want to have a reaction within a few minutes after sex. 

So, does Sliquid Sea pass the post-coital afterglow texture test? 
Yes! Sliquid Sea is so similar to natural vaginal secretions, it's a bit uncanny. It doesn't feel heavy or sticky. It might not be the ideal for a woman who dries out very easily -- I can't attest to this.

Overall, I'm impressed. I would recommend Sliquid Sea

(For $12.99 for 4.2 oz, it's very reasonably priced, too.)

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