Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Winner of the $25 EdenFantasys Gift Card

The contest for the $25 gift card to EdenFantasys ended on Sunday. Thanks for all the great entries, everyone! The winner is Sylvia McKinley for this gem of a story ending...

"Beat me?" I whispered it; she smirked at the fear and embarrassment in my voice. "Is that a question? You know how I feel about your answering a question with a question." She straddled my back, slid her fingers through my hair and grabbed a handful, firmly lifting my flushed face from the sheets. "Try again, and say it like you actually want to please me." "Please, beat me. Bind me with the spreader bar and spank me." I closed my eyes as I confessed my desires; it was as if someone else had said it. "I want you to hurt me." She released my hair, slid off of my back and set about her work, pulling her Spread'em bar and cuff set from under the bed and cuffing my ankles to it. She slid onto my back again and leaned to me ear, growling her final order before she began. "I'm putting this dildo inside of you. I'm going to start with my crop; if this dildo slips out, I'm getting the belt."

Hm... Makes me wish I was getting laid tonight instead of writing a paper for finals :/ 

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