Friday, April 8, 2011

$25 EdenFantasys Gift Card Giveaway


Most wonderful of news.

One of you is going to win a $25 gift card to purchase some Adult Toys at

I know, isn't that fantastic?

I have even better news.

I don't want you to sign up for anything or join a newsletter or follow me on Twitter or trade me your soul or give me your firstborn.

Nope. None of that.

Instead, this what you have to do to enter the contest:

I'm going to write the beginning of a story. Right below this. First, you're going to read it. Then, you're going to answer the question by going to, picking out a sex toy (or a few), and leaving a comment saying which sex toy you would use and what position you would use it in. You must leave an email with the comment, or else there's no way I can contact you if you win. I'll pick out the most creative answer :)

The contest closes April 30th.


I pulled open the door and stopped short, unable to speak. She was standing in the living room, a few feet from the door, holding a coil of rope. I could barely make out the white of the rope in the dim light of the room.

"Hi..." I couldn't seem to get out another word.

"Hey." She moved closer to me, eyes on fire. Clearly she had been planning this, and I had no idea what was coming next.

"Follow me." I wandered through the house, past the kitchen, into her bedroom. The bed was already turned down, and the room was lit by a single lamp. She stopped next to the bed, turned around, and took a step toward me. I felt overwhelmed by her presence, a bit close for comfort, but I also felt drawn to her. She dropped the rope on the bed and reached forward, unzipping my jacket.

"Take this off."

"Yes, ma'm." I pulled it off, dropped it to the ground.

She growled over me. "Take off the rest."

"All of my clothes?" The words slipped out before I could stop myself.

"You know better than to speak unless I'm asking you a question."

I nodded.

"Don't do it again. Do you understand?"

I wasn't sure if I was allowed to answer. Was this a question? My thoughts spun. Yes.


"Excuse me?"

"Yes, ma'm."

I slowly slipped off my dress, unhooked my bra, slid my panties down around my ankles. I stood naked, stripped down, in front of her. She looked down on me from only a few inches above me, but in my exposure, it felt like she towered over me.

She put her hands on my shoulders and spun me around. She pushed me forward until I had my nose to the white wall, and she roughly pulled my hands behind me, locking my forearms into a box. I felt the ropes winding around my wrists, and within seconds, she had me bound, unable to break free. She wound the ropes across my chest, over my shoulders, building a chest harness. The ropes wound tighter and tighter, until I could barely wiggle the upper half of my body. She finished, hooked her fingers in the rope, and yanked back. I felt my body fall backward, and I jumped to catch up, unable to balance completely without her control. She laughed low and hard as I struggled. She backed me to the edge of the bed and threw me down, face first, into the dark sheets.

She climbed over me, holding me down with the weight of her chest and torso. I turned my head to the side, gasping for breath, and she leaned her lips right next to my ear.

"You've been such a good girl, letting  me tie you up without a word of protest. So I'm going to do something a bit unusual tonight. I'm going to let you choose what you want next. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'm." The words came out breathlessly.

"Ok. What would you like?"


....Go to Choose a toy. Leave a comment (or send me an email at describing what you chose, and how you (the submissive) would like her (the dominant) to use it on you. Creativity matters! Good luck. Don't forget -- get your comments in by April 30th!   


  1. Instead of a toy I would actually choose the Classic Kama Sutra Book. I think its a wise and useful choice!

  2. I would ask her to use this dildo and harness on me doggy style... : )

    my email is

  3. I bit my lip, knowing what I wanted but almost afraid to tell her. Not afraid of her but afraid of what I wanted.
    I finally gasped out the truth. "I want the Bomb, ma'am. Please, let me feel the Bomb in my ass while you fuck me." I could feel her chuckling in delight at my request.


  4. I choose the Purple fur line paddle. I've never been paddled and I'd like a good stinging. I'd bend over and take it like a good bitch ;) Might need to throw in the vegan silicone ball gag, too, to keep me quiet.

    aviewfromvenus@gmail dot com

  5. I would choose the Japanese silk rope I would confess that I had always wanted to try and then ask permission to be tied up.


  6. "You are so kind to let me choose, ma'am. Given this luxury, perhaps you will indulge me by putting some hard, cold steel in my ass. You know I've always wanted that plug to fill me up. And, if you are feeling magnanimous, your humble servant would love to feel you filling me up with an Echo. Thank you ma'm for your kindness."

    Njoy Pure Plug Medium:
    Tantus Echo:

    (And thank you, thank you, thank you for not making us jump through silly hoops to enter, and opting instead for something creative. Wonderful.)

  7. "Beat me?" I whispered it; she smirked at the fear and embarrassment in my voice.

    "Is that a question? You know how I feel about your answering a question with a question." She straddled my back, slid her fingers through my hair and grabbed a handful, firmly lifting my flushed face from the sheets. "Try again, and say it like you actually want to please me."

    "Please, beat me. Bind me with the spreader bar and spank me." I closed my eyes as I confessed my desires; it was as if someone else had said it. "I want you to hurt me."

    She released my hair, slid off of my back and set about her work, pulling her Spread'em bar and cuff set from under the bed and cuffing my ankles to it. She slid onto my back again and leaned to me ear, growling her final order before she began.

    "I'm putting this dildo inside of you. I'm going to start with my crop; if this dildo slips out, I'm getting the belt."

    feedthebirds at gmail dot com

  8. I blushed and lowered my eyes. "Thank you for the privilege, ma'am. I'd like to be beaten tonight...may I please look through the closet to decide with what?"

    She sighed in irritation at the thought of untying me, before starting to smile. Oh. I knew that smile. It rarely ended well for me. "Of course you can go look, girl." She slid me off the bed none too gently, laughing softly as I thumped to the floor. "I went through all the trouble of tying you just how I wanted you, and don't feel like doing it again. You have five minutes to cross the room to the closet." She pulled out an elegant pocket watch from the tiny pocket on her corset. "Begin."

    I whimpered in frustration, straining against the ropes. There was no way I would be able to get free. I wiggled and inched my way closer and closer to the closet, mentally counting the seconds in my head, hoping I would make it before the time was up.

    I crossed the closet threshold, barely making the time limit. She stood over me, her boots inches from my face, then leaned down to stroke my hair. "Good girl." Standing back up, she opened the wardrobe doors that hid her impact toys away, pulling out one, then another, and stroking my back lightly with them. "This? No? Ah, well. Some other night. This?" I shook my head at each, until she pulled out the Roses flogger.

    "That, please, Mistress." I begged, stretching closer to kiss the toe of her boot. "Please let me hurt for you."

    As the first blow fell on my back, she laughed sweetly. "You will, my pet. You will."

  9. Hmm, I'm no good at writing stories, so I'll just explain...

    I think she should ask to see her lover use the iride (because it looks super fun), and then i think she should have to use any of the double-sided dildos...

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  11. Ok, I've never done anything like this before and after reading the other entries I'm not sure if I even like my unfinished story, but I'm submitting it anyway *shrugs*

    My head was spinning as I thought about what she said, and what I really wanted. I looked over at the box in the corner that held all of her favorite toys. I knew what I wanted. I knew exactly what I wanted. But I was so nervous to ask for it. She said I could choose what I wanted next, but what I wanted was a bit unusual, and possibly not even an appropriate request.

    I wanted to fuck her.

    She had used the Fun Factory Share on me before, and it was one of my favorite toys, but I wanted to use it on her. I just wanted to see the pleasure in her face, wanted to feel her writhing and clawing underneath me. I didn’t care if she kept me bound, or if she told me no and decided to punish me with the Flog-her flogger. In fact, I would’ve enjoyed that just as much. But I really wanted to know what it would be like to give my beautiful dominant that kind of pleasure.

    So I swallowed hard and found the courage to make my request. “Ma’m,” I choked, she was still on top of me , pinning me to the bed, “Ma’m, I would like to use the Share.”

    “The Share…” she purred, and I could hear the smile in her voice. She got up and started walking over to the corner of the room to retrieve the toy. "Anything else? A whip, perhaps?"

    “Ma’m, I was hoping… I was hoping I could use the Share on you…”

    She stopped dead in her tracks, then turned to look at me.

  12. Contest is closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! I'll let you know this week who won.