Thursday, February 3, 2011

Me Gusta, Quiero, Deseo

In the last month or so, I've begun a running list of toys I want to own, and what better place to write it than here? Of course, this wish list is prohibitively expensive. But a girl can dream. :)


Under the Bed Restraint Set (until I get a poster bed, which is another dream, but not a priority)

Most Anything Incoqnito Makes (the belt, the blade, the razor, the tassels)

Crystal Whip (I've had my eye on this since it came out. It's multifunctional and shiny.)

A Really Good Set of Cuffs (These are beautiful, but I could settle for something cheaper. Just nothing pink -- I had to gag a bit when I saw a plastic pink pair recently. A part of me thinks the leather is exquisite, and another part doesn't want to chop up an animal for me to be restrained, so get back to me on that one.)

Door Jam Cuffs (Not sure if these would work, since I'm 5'2 and my door is roughly 9'. Good question?)

A Spreader Bar (Not a fan of the color, but it's adjustable and doesn't come with cuffs, so it can work for wrists or ankles. I like flexibility)

A Suede Whip

Or, to combine most of these things, this set is really lovely, and not insanely expensive.


A Baby Vibe (Bigger than a bullet, but small enough that I can roll over it in the middle of the night and not notice. Or slip it in my pocket. Something more transportable than my Hitachi Wand, which is like carrying around a club)

Squeel (These just look cute and fun...)

A Glass Dildo (This one looks like a fun starter, but I can't lie, this one caught my eye. I've seen some that look more like decorative tabletop pieces than dildos, but I don't want to invest a lot of money into something I'm not sure if I'll like!)

A Good Double Dildo (Like this. I like purple a lot :) But no, I really could give or take on the color and brand. I've seen plenty of styles that would work just fine.)

I don't really need a new harness... especially since I received a brand new one free on a fluke... but this leather harness is gorgeous. And then there's this: a purple (I have a problem...), corseted harness that has built-in garter loops for thigh high stockings. Oh, and it vibrates. Talk about a fun genderfuck to pack with. That's something I could wear anywhere.

A few new silicone dildos. Like... this or this or this (talk about some fun colors!). If I'm feeling really adventurous, this. And definitely this, because I've seen Sinclair rave about it very, very often. He's not kidding about being a size king, though. Lord.

A Baby Plug (Because that's about all I can handle)


Fascinator Throes Blanket -- It's practical. Good sex is messy. This sounds infinitely easier than changing my sheets all the time.

Kama Sutra Massage Oils -- These don't run super cheap, but thankfully they sell them everywhere, so they're easy to find. I have the almond, and it's divine. I haven't tried their lube, but hopefully it's as high quality as the rest of their products.

A Box for all my Toys! Of course.


I'm sure I'll think of more to add after I post this list, but for right now, I can settle with this... just kidding. It will take me years to acquire everything on here, unless I start reviewing sex toys. Oh, that would be so. much. fun. 


  1. i have been eyeing the corset harness for over a year. is it wishful thinking to buy one now? i have no play partners, but maybe i can will them to come (ha) with the purchase of a new harness.


  2. Get one anyway! I don't think it's wishful thinking ~ you never know, it may come in handy sooner than you realize :)