Wednesday, September 22, 2010

These Lights Will Inspire You

Taking a leap of faith. Going to upstate New York for a workshop. Hoping this experience is worth the time and money and effort it will take to go. I'm not sure what to expect, other than the usual butterflies mixed with excitement that punctuate any new experience. But I do know (more or less) what I am looking to find. Plus I'll most likely fly into New York City for a day or two before the workshop, and fly out a day after. I miss New York City constantly; it's been seven years too long since I've been there. Life has changed so drastically since 2003 that I know I'll be seeing the city from a radically different viewpoint. But I can't wait. I have so many great memories from our trip, and now I have good friends to visit there, too. I love, love, love New York City. Almost as much as I love New Orleans, though there are more differences than similarities, so I suppose it's a pointless comparison. 

Anyhoo, this is the workshop I'm attending...

Celebrating the Body Erotic for Women - a residential workshop

Easton Mountain, upstate New York near Albany - Nov. 5-7, 2010
With Lizz Randall
Live in community with like-minded women in a safe, serious and playful space that respects boundaries. Embrace pleasure and experience your body as powerful, expressive and sacred. The class expands awareness and sensation through a process of breath, movement and touch. Each woman’s choices and rhythms are honored and celebrated. This workshop is for women of all sexual orientations and ages who are ready to learn about their own power to illuminate and enjoy sexuality and sensuality.
During the program of carefully designed embodiment practices women will:
  • explore the innate wisdom of the body
  • expand awareness, sensation and pleasure through conscious breath, movement, touch, and communication, where each woman's choices and rhythms are honored
  • learn how to more deeply tune in to your body, mind, heart and spirit: to receive more fully from yourself and others, and to give without losing yourself
  • learn to give and receive full-body massage and to focus on the healing potential of sensual/spiritual energy
  • learn from your own and others' unfolding, and feel awed witnessing and supporting our uniqueness and commonalities
The program begins on Friday evening 6:30PM with dinner, runs 9AM-6PM Saturday, and 9AM Sunday ending at 6PM.


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