Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sex Toy Review: Black Magic Bullet from Doc Johnson

This is my first review for Edenfantasys sex toys, so go easy on me ya'll -- It might be a bit before I get the hang of this. :)

If there was a luxury line for bullets, it would include the Black Magic Bullet from Doc Johnson. It's sleek and gorgeous, solid black with silver trim, and it's made of a texture I've never seen in a vibrator -- a velvet type of plastic that borders on luscious. If you haven't played with a bullet lately (they're not something I usually include in my sex play, either), most of them are made of tacky silver plastic or the clear, colored plastic that reminds me of an Easter egg. I appreciate the Easter bunny, but I'd rather not stick an Easter egg on my clit, thank-you-very-much.
Sexier than an Easter egg.

The Black Magic Bullet is also phthalate-free, latex-free, and hypo-allergenic, which means it's much safer than jelly vibrators and some of the other vibrators that you can find on the market. It cleans easily with antibacterial soap and warm water. It claims to be "waterproof," but I didn't drop it in my bathtub to see if that claim held up. I had better plans for it, of course.

I wanted to try out this bullet for only one reason. I have a few favorite positions, but getting fucked from behind is damn near the top of that list. I'm a total sucker for it. But I also need clit stimulation as hard as the day is long, and that's a difficult request for that position. It's the wrong angle for a Rabbit vibe or a Hitachi, or anything larger than a few inches. The little bullets which take watch batteries get lost too easily -- I'd spend more time looking for them in my toy box and buying expensive tiny batteries than actually using the bullet.

I know you must be wondering if the Black Magic Bullet passed the "does it work if I'm bottoming?" test, and the answer is: yes. I came quickly. Almost too quickly. But that's my own damn fault.

The Black Magic Bullet has four settings, and the most I can handle is the third. It's incredibly powerful for a very small, battery-powered vibrator. There is a disadvantage to this -- it's so powerful that holding it in my hand (or against my clit) can be difficult. Of course, this makes it all the more interesting for kinky play -- that's why controls are on wires, right? It's fantastically fun to watch someone else writhe as you turn up the volume and force them to take it.

I wouldn't want the vibrations to be any weaker -- it wouldn't serve it's purpose. Though the bullet did like to vibrate right out of my hand. I still don't have an answers for this dilemma.

A bullet will never be my go-to vibrator. I need something big and powerful that isn't going to need new batteries constantly, like the Hitachi. (I also like the idea of using my vibrator to club possible intruders, since I live in the Crime Capital of the U.S.) But the Black Magic Bullet is slim and discreet, making it great for traveling. I would definitely recommend it as a first-time vibrator or for those "situations" when you really need something small or a controller on a two-foot-long cord.

Check out EdenFantasys for more information and to pick up one of your own!

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